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Part III: Why Mastering Provider Networks is Key To Reaching Decision Makers

In Part I and Part II of our Biopharma Customer Mastering Series, we covered in detail how machine learning is an essential tool in customer mastering and how you can use it to build flexible hierarchies to power your analytics.…

Nov 12, 2021 Featured Content

Part II: Why Mastering Hierarchies is Key To Understanding Customers for Biopharma Companies

If you read our first article on customer mastering in biopharma marketing, sales, and distribution, you know how important customer data is and that machine learning holds the key to unlocking its potential value. This article will focus on how…

Sep 29, 2021 Featured Content

Patient Mastering: Why Machine Learning is Core to Managing Patient Data at Scale

In today’s digitized healthcare system, electronic health records and claim databases produce vast amounts of patient records. These real-world data (RWD) records are gathered in several different ways and formats—all designed to be easy for healthcare professionals to submit. Third-party…

Jul 7, 2021 Featured Content

Three creative ways Financial Services firms like Blackstone use Customer Master Data Management (MDM)

Tamr’s cloud-native customer master data management (Customer MDM) seeks to create a unified, accurate, and persistent set of unique identifiers and attributes that wholistically depict a customer in order to connect millions of valuable customer records across multiple organizational silos,…

Jun 23, 2021 Featured Content

What is Customer Master Data Management

Customer data is one of, if not the most, valuable assets for a company. McKinsey & Co. finds that organizations that leverage insights from quality customer data outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and 25%+ in gross margin. Customer…

May 19, 2021 Featured Content

The Elusive Customer 360: Why and How to Master Data for Sales & Marketing

Large-scale investment in customer insights and analytics teams have propelled the use cases for customer data. From customer segmentation to predictive pricing models and multi-touch channel strategy, the field of advanced customer analytics has more tangible applications than ever. As…

Apr 15, 2021 Featured Content