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3 Ways Machine Learning Can Help You Know Your Customer

I spent many years in the AML and KYC analytics industry where I created analytics and metrics to help identify deficiencies of risk rating methods and converted data into meaningful insight into customer behavior and potential red flags. I also…

Oct 25, 2019 Featured Content

Why Low Latency Matching is critical to Data Mastering at Scale

It’s common to think of data mastering as the way we turn our disparate and dirty data sources into something clean that we can use to power data applications. A few dozen sources of customer data go through the mastering…

Oct 18, 2019 Featured Content

Tamr, Inc., Joins with Thomson Reuters to Make it Easier for Enterprises to Ask and Answer Questions of their Data

Incorporates Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier, PermID, into the Tamr Data Unification Platform to find and unleash “Dark Data” Cambridge, Mass., September 28, 2015 – Big data analytics company Tamr, Inc., today announced that it has joined with Thomson Reuters to…

Sep 28, 2015 Featured Content