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Realizing the potential of clean mastered data for businesses


Top takeaways from our cloud partners at the DataMasters Summit

Expect the cloud to play a key role as companies look to better leverage their data. That’s judging by presentations Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure gave at Tamr’s DataMasters Summit. From increased usage of cloud-native capabilities to…

Nov 6, 2020 Featured Content

Tamr Announces the Only Cloud-Native Data Mastering Solutions for Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure

Customers such as Johnson & Johnson, Scotiabank, and GlaxoSmithKline, are accelerating business outcomes with data mastering at scale. Tamr’s cloud-native MDM offerings will further accelerate analytic insights with unprecedented scale and cost-saving opportunities.Tamr, Inc., a cloud-native data mastering platform used…

Oct 7, 2020 News

Tamr Announces Cloud-Native Capabilities on AWS to Help Customers Achieve Cost-Effective Data Mastering

Customers such as Toyota and Thomson Reuters are running Tamr on AWS to prepare analytics-ready datasets, leveraging AWS analytic services to drive business insights using clean, curated dataTamr, Inc., a cloud-native data mastering platform used by some of the world’s…

Oct 1, 2020 News

Declarative DataOps

AWS revolutionized IT. Instead of managing hardware, it allowed developers to set up an entire cloud infrastructure with a few clicks of a button. AWS also released APIs to automate the clicking of said buttons, making it not only possible,…

Jun 4, 2020 Featured Content