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Stonebraker and Ilyas Get SIGMOD Win

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Hearty congratulations to Tamr CTO and Co-Founder Mike Stonebraker and Co-Founder Ihab Ilyas, co-authors of the Best Demo paper at last week’s ACM SIGMOD 2015 Conference in Australia: “DataXFormer: An Interactive Data Transformation Tool.”

The abstract of the paper — which counts John Morcos (University of Waterloo), Ziawasch Abedjan (CSAIL MIT), Mourad Ouzzani (Qatar Computing Research Institute) and Paolo Papotti (Qatar Computing Research Institute) as other co-authors — is as follows:

While syntactic transformations require the application of a formula on the input values, such as unit conversion or date format conversions, semantic transformations, such as “zip code to city”, require a look-up in some reference data. We recently presented DataXFormer, a system that leverages Web tables, Web forms, and expert sourcing to cover a wide range of transformations. In this demonstration, we present the user-interaction with DataXFormer and show scenarios on how it can be used to transform data and explore the effectiveness and efficiency of several approaches for transformation discovery, leveraging about 112 million tables and online sources.

Download the full paper here.