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“So we’ve got a lot more money … now what?”




Over the past few years, as Tamr has been growing, we’ve really worked hard to focus closely on a small number of trusted early adopter customers and partners. In particular, we’ve sought companies with an appreciation for the challenge of managing the incredible variety of data in the enterprise — and the need to simplify data for consumption by the great new analytical modeling and visualization tools that are becoming mainstream in the enterprise.

Our latest financing gives us the resources to meet the incredible demand that we’ve experienced in the year since we launched Tamr. It also reflects the interest that some large and leading enterprises have in tackling data variety as they move towards being truly data- and analytic-driven. I believe companies on the cutting edge of this data-driven transformation recognize very quickly that data variety is the primary bottleneck — and only a small amount of new tech like Tamr is required to enable their entire organization to use data efficiently.

Our new investors Hewlett Packard Ventures, Thomson Reuters and MassMutual Ventures represent the diversity and size of enterprises now looking to embrace data variety through powerful, scalable approaches like Tamr’s. Our combined set of investors as well as customers (including GE, Roche, Novartis and Toyota Motor Europe) confirms that large enterprises across many industries are trying to catalog, connect and curate the full variety of their data so that it can be consumed efficiently by people in the modern data-driven enterprise. Allan Campbell, MassMutual’s Chief Technology Officer captures this belief terrifically: “The ability to use 100% of available data opens up many opportunities for additional product innovation and enhancements to meet the demands of our policyowners and customers.”

All this being said, people have been asking me, “How are Tamr’s plans going to change now that you’ve got all this money?”

My response is always the same: This additional resource just enables us to move faster and satisfy more customers more quickly by building great software. Mike Stonebraker and I are both pretty conservative financially and like to squeeze as much as possible out of every penny of capital. So we think this money will last us a long time and will enable us to do things in quarters or months that might have otherwise taken us years.