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Toyota Motor Europe and the Case for Enterprise Data Unification

Last week, CMSWire posted a great article by Matt Stevens (IT Executive, Toyota Motor Europe) on how Toyota was forced to rethink their data management practices to keep clients delighted in the era of Big Data. Matt outlined the goals…

Jun 9, 2017 Case Studies

BioPharma Case Study

Tamr was approached by a multinational biopharmaceutical company to transform the process of preparing its clinical data for analytics. The organization wanted to analyze the trove of unmined clinical trial and biomarker data in order to more effectively guide translational…

Oct 26, 2016

Tamr Spend Analytics “In a class almost its own” — Sourcing Innovation Review

Tamr’s spend analytics solution received a strong review this week from a “Sourcing Innovation” analyst. Titled “Tamr — Trying to Tame the Data Deluge,” the review praised Tamr’s “AI-backed probabilistic machine learning engine” for pushing the company past other spend analytics providers. Other…

Aug 9, 2016 News

Tamr for Government Case Study

Elevating Operational Intelligence With Automated, Scalable Data Insights Machine Generated Data Only Leads To Intelligence If It’s Intelligently Processed In today’s digital world, the number of data sources, public and dark, is increasing at an exponential rate. To an intelligence agency, more…

Feb 2, 2016

Tamr Powers Procurement Analytics That Drive Down Component Cost and Improve Payment Terms

Traditional Development Of A Single View Of A Supplier Is Unscalable. A highly diversified manufacturing corporation was facing a major obstacle around generating a single view of their suppliers. The company had successfully grown organically in many industries for multiple…

Jul 29, 2015 Case Studies