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DataMasters S1E7: An Introduction to Dataops

Data ops has emerged as a way for organizations to better manage their data pipelines. You’ll hear more about this concept from Chris Bergh, head chef, founder and CEO of DataKitchen, a software company that aims to help data professionals…

Jul 14, 2020

DataMasters S1E6: Getting Data Mastering at Scale Right

What’s required to master large numbers of data sources? First, avoid approaches that require writing rules. Then use machine learning and cloud computing to efficiently handle the workload. That advice comes from Mike Stonebraker, a database pioneer who helped create…

Jul 1, 2020

DataMasters S1E5: The Entrepreneurial Approach to Data Management

As vice president of data management and operations at Thomson Reuters, Marc Alvarez applies an entrepreneurial approach to data management. During his career, he’s found that treating data less like an IT project and more like a business asset requires…

Jun 17, 2020

DataMasters S1E4: The State of the CDO

Success as a CDO increasingly means knowing how to use data to drive revenue. But at many organizations, data leaders are still figuring out how to work with their business counterparts. That’s one takeaway from a survey of 300 C-suite…

Jun 3, 2020

DataMasters S1E3: The Evolution of the CDO

Once responsible for data governance, companies increasingly want CDOs who use data to drive the business. Someone who not only saw that evolution but experienced it is Mark Ramsey, who held the title of CDO when the role was very…

May 20, 2020

DataMasters S1E2: Lights, Camera, Data, Eric Iverson

When you think about Hollywood, you probably think about movies, actors and scripts. But behind the scenes, tremendous amounts of data power a complex supply chain that shapes the movie trailers you watch and the release date of the next…

May 11, 2020

DataMasters S1E1: With Liberty and Data for All, Nick Sinai

As deputy CTO in the Obama administration, Nick oversaw the Open Data Initiative, which lead to government data being publicly released for use by the private sector. In this episode of DataMasters, Nick talks about the connection between government data…

May 11, 2020