What is Master Data Management?

What is Master Data Management (MDM)? MDM is used to define and manage an organization’s critical data to provide, through data integration, a single point of reference. In many businesses today, especially global enterprises with hundreds of separate applications and…

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3 Trends in Life Sciences Data Management

In a previous blog post we wrote about how Tamr has begun hosting user group meetings for life sciences customers as a way to support our customer’s desire to learn from each other. This is a great opportunity to learn…

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What is Human-Guided Machine Learning?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about machine learning. Previously, we covered what machine learning is and how it solves Big Data challenges. In this post, we’re exploring human-guided machine learning — what it is and…

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What is Data Unification?

To those unfamiliar, data unification may seem insignificant. After all, it can’t be that hard to unify data, right? Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception. Data unification is an incredibly complex process and one of the biggest challenges many large…

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How Machine Learning Solves Big Data Challenges

In a recent post, we laid out an overview of machine learning: what it is and the various types that are used. Here, we’re delving deeper into exactly what impact machine learning has on Big Data, and how it solves…

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3 Trends from Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

In March, I attended the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida. It was an energetic and interesting event with sessions that focused on topics such as data science and machine learning, building a data-centric architecture, and innovation in…

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Artificial Intelligence Technology

An Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning, although not a new technology, is a topic that has taken news cycles by storm over the course of the past few years, spanning multiple industries and applications. And it’s with good reason, as artificial intelligence (AI) and…

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4 Takeaways from Enterprise Data World

I recently attended Enterprise Data World in Boston, Massachusetts — an educational conference focused on challenges and solutions associated with Data Management. It was a busy show with a lot of enthusiastic sessions and attendees, and some great takeaways. Overall,…

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Let Your Data Protect You From Supply Chain Risks

In a previous blog post, my colleague has gone in depth on “How to save $10M+ with Supplier Mastering” by creating a comprehensive 360 view of supplier activity. This view is possible through programatically unifying all points of supplier data…

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