data mastering at scale

Data Mastering at Scale

Data mastering (sometimes called Master Data Management or MDM for short) is now 15 years old. It arose because enterprises have been creating independent business units (IBUs) for a long time with substantial freedom of action. This allows IBUs to…

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Mastering Data Variety

Data variety — the middle child of the three Vs of Big Data — is in big trouble.  It’s in the critical path of enterprise data becoming an asset. And it’s been slow to benefit from the kind of technology…

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invest in dataops

Why Now is the Time to Invest in DataOps

If you’ve been following Tamr’s content for a while, then chances are you’ve heard us talk about DataOps — the automated, process-oriented methodology aimed at increasing analytic outcomes across an organization. And as large enterprises continue to generate a tremendous…

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3 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Culture

If your organization is like most, then the variety, volume, and velocity of the data you regularly collect is creating challenges when it comes to: Leveraging that data to inform business-driving decisions Getting real-time data access to everyone in the…

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