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A Probabilistic, Machine Learning Approach to Data Unification

Recently, I attended the 4th annual Big Data Toronto conference, designed to address the current challenges enterprises face when tackling Big Data, and the innovative solutions being offered to solve these problems. My favorite presentation over the course of the…

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How to Build a DataOps Toolkit

The DataOps cross-functional toolkit is not a single tool or platform—nor can it ever be. Rather, it’s a framework that prioritizes responding to change over following a plan. This means that the toolkit is inherently a collection of complementary, best-of-breed…

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Tamr helps Room to Read Use Data to Improve Education Quality

Room to Read was founded 20 years ago with a mission to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and…

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Data as an Asset: The Potential of DataOps in the Enterprise

As modern enterprises embrace the potential value of data to their organization, they are beginning to build out a new generation of data infrastructure and human behavioral norms to complement their traditional legacy infrastructure and data culture. The technical methods…

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What It’s Like to Work at Tamr

There are a number of reasons why people enjoy working for Tamr, from our office culture, to benefits, to social events and career growth opportunities. Recently, we spoke with some Tamrs in our Cambridge office to get a better sense…

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The Key Components of a DataOps Ecosystem

There are many ways to think about the potential components of a next gen enterprise data engineering ecosystem. Our friends at DataKitchen have done a great job with this post which refers to some solid work by the Eckerson Group.…

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4 Key Challenges to Managing Meaningful Spend Analytics

To remain healthy and competitive, large enterprises require management and oversight over corporate spend throughout the organization. However, large multinational corporations continue to struggle with managing spend analytics to gain a consistent and meaningful unified view of spend throughout different…

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Cyber and Technology Background?

Key Principles of a DataOps Ecosystem

Having worked with dozens of Global 2000 Customers on their data/analytics initiatives, I have seen a consistent pattern of key principles of a DataOps ecosystem that is in stark contrast to traditional “single vendor,” “single platform” approaches that are advocated…

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Tamr’s Classification Engine Gets Smarter with Active Learning

Tamr’s human-guided machine learning platform has an exciting new feature, active learning for categorization, that will increase the accuracy and efficiency of categorization projects by highlighting high impact entities to categorize. A categorization project solves the task of placing records…

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FAIRifying Meta(data) Using Tamr

The problem of siloed data has persisted in the science community despite efforts over the last 15 years to identify the root causes (technical and organizational) and address them. However, an initiative that began at a meeting in 2014 resulted in the publication of a set of principles, called FAIR, in 2016 that seem to have been able to make progress.

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