dataops improves collaboration

How DataOps Improves Collaboration and Iteration

Your customers live in an “Amazon World”: they expect data and analytic insights, delivered in a neat package as quickly as possible. But as a leader of data and analytic teams, you know that in order to bring those insights…

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CDOs data mastering at scale

3 Things CDOs Need to Know about Data Mastering at Scale

As a Chief Data Officer (CDO), you can recognize that while traditional Master Data Management (MDM) techniques might have worked well for the type and scale of data mastering challenges that existed 15 years ago when the solution came about,…

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analytic velocity

Accelerating Analytic Velocity

To be competitive, all businesses today must be much faster at asking the right questions and making decisions quickly, with the ultimate customer experience always top of mind. (Think However, in enterprises, this agility has been painfully impeded by…

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best in class dataops ecosystem

Building a Best in Class DataOps Ecosystem

Building a best in class DataOps ecosystem is about more than just technology — it’s about combining people, process and technology in a way that delivers increased analytic outcomes for the enterprise. Ultimately, a well-designed DataOps ecosystem holds the key…

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data mastering at scale

Data Mastering at Scale

Data mastering (sometimes called Master Data Management or MDM for short) is now 15 years old. It arose because enterprises have been creating independent business units (IBUs) for a long time with substantial freedom of action. This allows IBUs to…

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