Tamr’s data-driven approach provides organizations with objective data points to adjust specific categories in an agile cadence over time.

A Data-Driven Approach to Taxonomy Design

Organizations classify and organize data around taxonomies to manage large varieties of business assets. Accurate, comprehensive taxonomies help organizations drive vital strategic insights and efficient operations around processes involving their products, asset inventories, spending, and more. However, organizations often fail…

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Getting Started with DataOps

We recently hosted a webinar with two DataOps industry experts: Mark Marinelli, Head of Product at Tamr, and Wayne Eckerson, President of Eckerson Group, a firm specializing in helping business leaders use data and technology to drive better insights and…

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Best-of-Breed Data Transformations for Pipelining

Before we get into how Tamr is tackling data transformation, let’s start with the definition. Data transformation is defined as the process of converting data from one format or structure into another format or structure. Tamr enhances the data pipeline…

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5 Benefits of Agile Data Mastering

Enterprises are facing significant challenges when it comes to maintaining reliable, up-to-date data that is readily available to help them generate important business insights. The problem isn’t that traditional solutions don’t work–it’s that they are too difficult to scale. These…

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3 Data Problems Solved by Agile Data Mastering

When it comes to data quality and availability, there is a gap between expectations and reality. The expectation is that reliable, integrated data is readily available in an easy-to-digest format that allows data consumers to harness key business insights. The…

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Network Big Data Transfer

3 Market Trends in Data Preparation

The market for data preparation tools is constantly evolving, although it remains both complicated and complex. As tools continue to mature, they are shifting from an initial focus on self-service, to now supporting data integration, analytics and data science use…

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What is Master Data Management?

What is Master Data Management (MDM)? MDM is used to define and manage an organization’s critical data to provide, through data integration, a single point of reference. In many businesses today, especially global enterprises with hundreds of separate applications and…

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