Stop Putting the AI Cart Before the Data Horse

Flush with Big Data and an accelerated way to capitalize on it (AI), many large enterprises are making a classic mistake. They’re assuming that their data is good enough to leverage as an asset. It is not.   In a recent…

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dataops data science

DataOps and Data Science

There is a lot of mental energy being put into the topic of FAIR data in the biopharma industry these days. For us here at Tamr, we think of the FAIR data movement in biopharma as very similar to the…

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Tamr Summer Interns

Working at Tamr: Meet our Summer Interns

Last month, we posted about what it’s like to work at Tamr — from our office vibe to the way we focus on career growth and collaboration. At Tamr, professional development is a cornerstone of our values, and one of…

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future of dataops

4 Trends Defining the Future of DataOps

As the challenges associated with Big Data continue to increase along with enterprises’ demands for easily accessible, unified data, what does the future of DataOps look like? I’ve outlined four important trends you should expect to see: 1. The need…

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Machine Learning in Data Unification

Designing for Trust with Machine Learning in Data Unification

Organizations tend to collect more data than they can process. The challenge lies in finding and converting raw data into actionable information. To produce complete, accurate, and up-to-date lists of customers, for example, highly concerted curation is needed to locate,…

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Teamwork of business concept.

DataOps as a Discipline

DataOps is an automated, process-oriented methodology, used by analytic and data teams, to improve the quality and reduce the cycle time of data analytics. What does that mean in terms of benefits? Data-driven aspects of the business can respond rapidly…

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people of dataops, dataops personas

The People of DataOps

To produce a great piece of music, orchestras require a variety of independent, skilled musicians working together under an equally skilled conductor. With all the innovations in their instrumentation and the talent of composers, success for an orchestra comes down…

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