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Modern DataOps and the Next Gen Digital Enterprise

“There are two things that really matter in AI systems. One is having enough great data to make an algorithm useful. And the other one is the human and the machine working closely together.” This was the first in a series of insights Andy Palmer, Co-Founder and CEO at Tamr, shared with Anthony Deighton, Chief Product Officer at Tamr, during a conversation on the DataMasters podcast. Palmer quotes Marvin Minsky, a friend and A.M. Turing Award Laureate, as he described how his professional experience working with AI began in the 1980s.

Managing Data as an Asset

“Data is part of the lifeblood and fuel that serves the modern consumer Internet, and increasingly large companies are starting to realize that data is the fuel for the next few decades. It’s a precious strategic asset that for the most part has been underappreciated and under-managed,” said Palmer in response to Deighton’s question around how organizations can create value out of data.

Palmer gained significant experience driving the ability of organizations to manage data as a core strategic asset while serving as the Chief Information Officer at a biotechnology company called Infinity Pharmaceuticals and running software engineering at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR). Palmer emphasized that data and analytics is a “core capability of the next generation modern enterprise, not only in biopharmaceuticals, but really across the board for all industries across the Global 2000.”

Delivering Analytic and Operational Velocity

Building on the idea of businesses integrating data into the fabric of who they are, Deighton introduced the concept of DataOps in terms of a framework for organizations to think about how to manage their data assets. Palmer elaborates on this concept by saying that DataOps is a “set of business processes and a collection of expertise that enables organizations and empowers Chief Data Officers to deliver more analytic and operational velocity using data across their entire business.”

DataOps and the State of Digital Transformation

Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation between Palmer and Deighton on DataOps and the state of digital transformation:

  • DataOps starts with managing data as a strategic asset and building out the data pipelines required in order to serve that data to many different consumers inside of a large company
  • The quality of your data really is what determines the quality of the decisions that a lot of people are making on the front lines of your business every day
  • Starting with great high quality data is the right beginning of that journey to digital transformation and tackling more complex analytics downstream as businesses get increasingly data-driven

DataMasters Summit 2020

Palmer, along with his trusted colleagues and peers across different industries, will be speaking about the modern DataOps ecosystem and the next-gen data organization at Tamr’s inaugural DataMasters Summit in October. The two-day virtual conference will feature talks from speakers such as Dr. Michael Stonebraker and the Co-Founder of Android, Rich Miner, as well as data practitioners from companies like GlaxoSmithKline, SK Group, Thomson Reuters, Santander, Accenture, Blackstone, and many more.

The conference includes a ‘Scaling Data in the Cloud Series’ with data leaders from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform discussing data agility, scalability, and cloud migration. Furthermore, federal data experts will speak about leveraging data as an asset in a panel led by Nick Sinai, former U.S. Deputy CTO of the Obama Administration.

To find more information about the event, including the complete list of speakers, and to register to attend, please visit: tamr.com/summit2020