Meet our Rockstar Interns and Hear Their Thoughts on Tamr

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What makes a Tamr internship different from any other?

We decided it would be great to interview our interns and co-ops who are approaching the end of their 6-months program with us to understand from them what it is like to work at Tamr. We also spoke with two former interns who are now working full-time at Tamr.

So… what makes an internship at Tamr so unique?

For starters, we care about your professional development! No, really, WE DO!

Tamr interns: Peter Lavigne, Grant Palmer, & Jack Loar. Photo by Tim Webber

I’m sure you hear the same words being conveyed about other startups and companies. But, are you learning about this on their site or discovering it from the individuals who work there?

Interviewee: Mingo

Institution: Bowdoin College

Major: Computer Science & minor in math

Meet Mingo, he is a former Tamr Intern and now works full-time on the presales team.  He earned his degree from Bowdoin College in 2017. “I asked Mingo why he continued at Tamr? Mingo: “The biggest reason by far was the people. People here are kind, incredibly smart, and more than happy to help you when you have questions. I could tell soon after I started as an intern that this was a special place with special people.” Additionally, Tamr offered him the flexibility to work on different projects outside of his current role and he felt the company cared about his professional development.

While interning, he worked on bringing together logs from all the various microservices. And, in just a month, he completed the project and was asked to come on board. Now, as a full-time employee, he’s serving customers; managing the software demos and the GCP.

Previously a Tamr intern, Mingo Sanchez is now a full-time employee. Photo by Tim Webber.

Interviewee: Jack Loar

Institution: Northeastern University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Next was Jack Loar. Jack discovered Tamr through his school and started his internship at Tamr because of the people he met during his interview. Jack- “It seemed like I would do interesting work, and overall I felt like it would be a great fit. I liked that Tamr is a reasonably small, but not too small, machine learning focused company. It seemed like I would have a good blend of using the skills I already know and developing new skills.” Working at Tamr has helped him to gain a lot of hands-on experience and clarity about what career path to take.

As part of his internship, he collaborated in three different projects; first, he created a new mastering test and validated the information gathered; then, he worked on writing a new UI test using Selenium to simulate clicking around Tamr’s front end, and lastly, he worked on extending the new Testbed framework for writing full stack tests.

What is next for Jack? He will be returning back to school at Northeastern in the fall and hopes to complete a semester abroad the following spring. He said he had such great experience at Tamr that he will definitely consider returning.

Interviewee: Peter

Institution: Northeastern University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Peter had to choose between several internship opportunities but chose Tamr because he wanted to “learn from the best”. He was also attracted by Tamr’s small-to-medium size and their “cutting-edge technology”.

He was originally enrolled in a five-year program at Northeastern University, but shortly after starting his internship at Tamr decided to switch to four years. Tamr has helped Peter find clarity about what he wants for his future.

At Tamr Peter collaborated with his team on the creation of data and platform-independent full-stack testing infrastructure.

Peter was impressed by the level of mentorship stating:

mentoring here is AMAZING, a lot better than expected; like one of the managers walks up to me and asked me if I had a mentor, I said, no, and he said, I’ll be your mentor.”

What’s next on Peter’s agenda?

He’s going back to school, and then exploring another co-op for January-June 2019. He wants to continue to broaden his experience in the industry. And, definitely, would like to consider the option of coming back in a couple of years.

Interviewee: Grant

Institution: Northeastern University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Grant talked about how his arrival at Tamr was purely coincidental. Northeastern co-op program gives students a 3-day deadline to respond to an offer, so he felt pressure to make a decision quick. He was debating between two companies but ultimately decided on Tamr because he enjoyed the people he met. The interview lasted 3-hours and he was able to present a few of his projects to eight members of Tamr’s engineering team.

This was Grant’s first “real” job experience in the tech industry. Previously, he worked at a hardware store. We talked about the challenges he faced during his internship. In the beginning, he felt overwhelmed and did not know how to contribute to the team. There was a lot of information to process. But, as the months went on, he started to feel more confident. At times, he would take work home to ensure things stay on track. He confessed that he’s a perfectionist, but he quickly learned the balance between perfection and efficiency. Grant created libraries to make it easier for our automated scripts to communicate directly with employees.

Grant will be heading back to school where he is enrolling in more data science courses, and brainstorming what co-op to explore next in early September. Grant enjoyed his first internship at Tamr so much that he has expressed interest in returning to Tamr for a second co-op on the presales team.

Interviewee: Nicole, also known as, Nikki.

Institution: MIT

Major: Computer Science

Job title: Software Developer

Nikki is a former intern at the San Francisco office and is now back full-time as a Software Developer at the Cambridge Headquarters. In San Francisco, Nikki worked mainly on creating codes for the front-end and backend that allowed Tamr’s app commenting function to work properly.  Nikki shared her motivations for returning to Tamr for full-time employment after her internship: “I decided to come back because the people that make up the company are wonderful to work with – they’re smart and passionate about what they do. During my internship, I worked on a lot of projects that were challenging, which offered me many new things to learn, yet at the same time manageable.” The internship was supposed to be for the summer- but, Nikki decided to extend her internship after realizing how much she was learning and the impact she was able to have. MIT studies will be on hold for now.

Some final takeaways from our Rockstar interns …

“Don’t get discouraged. There’s a lot to take in. Be willing to ask for help when you need it. And be open to taking risks and take the lead to start a new project on your own. The important thing is to learn quickly and pick up new skills- everyone is willing to teach you, but you also need to be willing to teach yourself” -Nikki

“Tamr really cares about your personal development. You have a lot of flexibility to be involved in many different projects as long as you are taking care of your main responsibility. Don’t assume that you can’t try new things…if you feel like you are not learning, then talk to your manager about how to be involved in other projects. Be willing to work hard and not be afraid to ask questions when you need to. The people here are very supportive and happy to help you.”- Mingo (former intern now full time in presales)

“Have a clear sense of what your goals are and be able to articulate them in the interview and in the onboarding process. It’s going to be difficult at the beginning. A lot of information will be thrown at you and you are going to feel you don’t know how to contribute- It will get easier over time, don’t let it overwhelm you.”  – Grant

“Be prepared to learn a lot and to be constantly learning. Mentoring here is AMAZING- a lot better than expected.”  – Peter

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Mistakes will happen… as long as you own it and make an effort to fix it- you’ll be alright.” – Jack

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