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Meet One of our Rockstar Interns

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What makes a Tamr internship special?

First, an internship at Tamr gives you an opportunity to distance yourself from your peers. You can figure out what kind of career you want through a truly hands-on experience. Above all, you work with smart, motivated people, and you have access to mentors you can learn from. When you’re done, you can test-drive what you learn, whether you want to work at Tamr or further your education.

But don’t take our word for it. We interview our interns and ask them about their experience working at Tamr. We spoke with Gabrielle, who says the smart, motivated, and fun people at Tamr are the highlight.

Interviewee: Gabrielle Fernandopulle

Institution: Harvard University

Major: Statistics (Data Science track)

Year: Sophomore

Say hello to Gabrielle. She was a summer intern at Tamr after her junior year in high school. She worked on special side projects with the Labs team, creating an application using language libraries to help tokenize data in multiple languages more effectively. I asked her how the Tamr experience affected her budding career. Gabrielle-“On my second day, I accidentally edited the wrong branch of code and crashed everyone’s versions. I was horrified! However, this mishap taught me how welcoming and supportive everyone at Tamr is. My error became a joke within minutes of fixing it. The best part of my internship was the incredible people who were excited to befriend and teach me at every turn.”

One of the most important parts of her internship was having people from around the company, from project management to field engineers, reach out to grab coffee or wander Harvard Square just to share their journeys and advice. She misses the camaraderie, laughs, and fun moments of afternoon push-up breaks.

Two years later, Gabrielle is a sophomore at Harvard College and is about to declare her major in Statistics with a concentration in Data Science (and a minor in Global Health and Health Policy). This past summer, she was able to apply all she learned about data structures and software to research a medical records systems at a venture capital firm. She still stays in touch with Tamr and is happy to have remained so close to the people there. Gabrielle – “The wise guidance and mentorship I got at Tamr has been one of the most influential factors in pushing me to continue pursuing data science with a bigger mission.”

For Gabrielle, it was rewarding to learn a lot and be immersed in a culture that values mentorship. She knows from personal experience that mistakes will happen. She also knows it will be alright.

Interested in learning more about internship opportunities at Tamr? Email us at jobs@tamr.com!