Introducing Tamr Catalog™ (In Limited Customer Beta)

A Map For Your Enterprise Information

Enterprises find it far too complex and time-consuming to identify and locate all of the data relevant to analysis. Knowledge about the data is so fragmented across the enterprise that an average CIO does not have an inventory of all of their data sources and attributes, let alone how they relate to logical entities (e.g., customers, suppliers). And some of the most useful attributes remain under-utilized because of lack of knowledge sharing across departments

Tamr Catalog™ creates a catalog of all metadata available to the enterprise in a central, platform-neutral place. Tamr Catalog™ enables data to be grouped by logical entities (customers, partners, employee), rather than where the data is stored, making it easier for companies to find data necessary to answer critical business questions.


  • Promote greater transparency around attributes, sources, and ownership of internal and external data within the enterprise
  • Easily uncover silos through powerful visualizations, so that you can determine which data to curate, unify and prepare for any analysis
  • Uncover under-utilized attributes for analytics through powerful search and filtering

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