How Toyota Masters Data at Scale Using Tamr and AWS

Tamr co-hosted a webinar with Amazon Web Services (AWS) featuring Toyota and their transformational story of data mastering at scale. Allow us to give you a glimpse of the challenges they faced, how Tamr helped provide a sustainable solution, and the resulting efficiencies they achieved.

Story overview:

Toyota Motor Europe, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, conducts business in seven countries across the European continent. They have distributors in every country from Iceland to Hungary. Given the free movement across borders within the European Union, Toyota customers could buy a car in Spain and end up moving to France with their Toyota. Given that the systems used to capture customer information are dedicated to single geographies, Toyota incurs a blind spot whenever a customer moves to a different country.

With more than 250 databases from independent dealers and service centers, Toyota encountered a data mastering challenge. To make matters a little more difficult, their databases in Europe are in 40 different languages from French to Ukrainian. These challenges lead to a phenomenon called customer amnesia describing the inability of an organization to recognize a customer from one place to the next.

As one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Toyota needed a solution that would be able to prepare very large datasets of customer records from a myriad of sources into a holistic view of its customers. Toyota elected to leverage Tamr’s solution to boost scalability and flexibility as well as provide better customer support to more than 30 million people across Europe. By joining forces with Tamr, Toyota can achieve a seamless integration of customer data from all stages of the buyer journey – from inquiries and sales to financing and servicing.

The machine learning software employed by Tamr cuts the amount of manual effort required from traditional MDM tools by 80% and has the ability to run on AWS. Join us for the webinar to hear this transformational story first-hand.

What you’ll learn:

  • The business value captured through data integration from IBUs across the company
  • How to leverage machine learning to unlock the powerhouse of data mastering at scale
  • How Toyota Motor Europe offers superior customer service employing data integration
  • How Tamr and AWS unify cloud-based data to produce high-quality trusted analytics

Who you’ll hear from:

  • Filip Salaets – IT Manager, Customer & Retailer at Toyota Motor Europe

Watch the 14-minute video to hear this story directly from the source and gain actionable insights on how to approach data mastering at scale to drive transformational outcomes for your business.