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Gartner Peer Insights: Customers Rate Tamr 4.9/5

Gartner Peer Insights™ helps businesses discover, buy, and manage the technology they need to be successful. The great thing about these reviews – and why many people use them as part of their evaluation process – is that they come from real users sharing honest reviews based on their experiences.

We recently created a Tamr page and encouraged customers to add their honest thoughts and feedback about the platform and what it’s like working with us. We’re thrilled with our 4.9/5 star rating and customers’ comments about the ways Tamr is delivering business value.

Sophisticated, yet easy to integrate

One reviewer whose company uses Tamr to master film and television data calls Tamr “A Sophisticated AI Platform That Also Leverages Human Smarts to Tackle Big Data Mastering.” Highlights include the flexible integration options and thorough support Tamr provided in configuring a pipeline of mastering projects, leading to high-quality results and immediate business outcomes.

When asked what piece of advice this customer would give to other prospective customers, the answer was clear: “You will learn a lot about your data using Tamr. It will surface data issues… tackling these issues or finding ways to filter out poor data will lead to a more refined, accurate model. Tamr learns super-fast.”

Workflow capabilities and excellent UI are key

Another customer simply commented: “Excellent UI And Workflow + Human-In-The Loop ML = Happy Customer,” calling the product “best in class.”

At one company where Tamr is an integral part of the workflow, the customer appreciates additions to our workflow and stewardship capabilities. “[Tamr] is growing into data management beyond just cleaning and mastering the data. I especially appreciate their customer-driven approach, thinking about end-to-end solutions rather than just delivering their product.”

Human-in-the-loop machine learning is a difference maker

For one customer, whose review is titled, “Unique and Fulfilling Experience Building Complex Mastering Workflows with Tamr ML Models,” the unique and compelling feature of Tamr is the human-guided approach to machine learning. The UI is user-friendly and, at the same time, provides easy access to configure, fine-tune, and evaluate the machine learning model. The APIs are robust and cover the length and breadth of the functionality.” In summary, this customer says, “Working on a new age platform like Tamr has been a fulfilling experience.”

One reviewer went straight to the point: “Excellent overall experience. Truly easy to integrate and expand. I really enjoyed the teamwork and collaboration. A+”

Putting customers first

We love hearing from our customers and telling their stories.

Enabling customers to realize value from mastered data is the reason we exist. We’d appreciate your feedback if you are an existing customer who hasn’t contributed yet to our Gartner Peer Insights page.

Not yet a customer? To see for yourself how Tamr can deliver business results, join us at an upcoming Demo Day or schedule a meeting with us