Gartner — 2020 Market Guide for Data Preparation

By 2021, organizations that offer users access to a curated catalog of internal and external prepared data will realize twice the business value from analytics investments than those that do not. — Gartner 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools

As the market for data preparation tools evolves — from only supporting self-service use cases to enabling data and analytics teams to build agile datasets at an enterprise scale — organizations have an opportunity to harness related technologies and leverage their data as an asset.

Tamr’s data mastering solutions complement downstream data prep solutions by curating the mastered data being consumed by analysts and data scientists to improve productivity and analytic veracity. Tamr is most often a source for downstream data prep activities, where analysts leverage the curated, mastered, well-categorized datasets from Tamr in self-service data prep tools (e.g., Trifacta and Alteryx) for data discovery and profiling.

Gartner recently released its 2020 Market Guide for Data Preparation, the fifth edition of a guide. Tamr is one of the key vendors highlighted in this report. We’re making this report available for download.

Download the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools to learn about:

  • Gartner’s definition of the data preparation market
  • Key market trends
  • Main segments within the market
  • Current vendors and offerings

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