Forbes- How DataOps is Transforming Data Management Practices

The DataOps movement is picking up steam, as evidenced by a recent article by Randy Bean on Tamr CEO, Andy Palmer, who may have coined the term, was extensively interviewed by Randy about the DataOps Movement.

As we know from our deployments with customers, internal politics and cultural resistance is a huge impediment to building transformative, repeatable data engineering pipelines. As Randy says, “Data should be a shared asset, but many companies struggle to treat it as such.” We’ve found that Tamr’s patented approach of marrying machine learning models with feedback from actual data users and stewards helps create a virtuous cycle of data quality, and focusing on driving outcomes builds buy in from many stakeholders. We know that DataOps technologies, whether open source or proprietary, can help to drive the cultural changes needed to realize value from Big Data investments.

We’re proud of helping customers like GSK, Toyota Motor Europe and Littelfuse to embrace a data-driven culture by “automating the menial jobs associated with cleaning data and harness the powers of people to tackle the more complicated chores. DataOps process strive to minimize the time spent on low value tasks, allowing data users to spend more time generating insight and transformative analytics.