The Enterprise Data Debt Crisis

In an article recently published in Database Trends and Applications data scientist Eliot Knudsen outlines a serious problem plaguing the Global 2000, the “Enterprise Data Debt Crisis.” Knudsen explains:

“Large enterprises are facing a debt crisis. Not financial debt, but ‘data debt.’ It’s a form of technical debt, and it can hamstring an organization’s capacity to tackle new challenges and stifle its ability to innovate. The problem is pervasive.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review showed that only a shocking 3% of companies’ data met basic quality standards. For years, software development teams have understood and reckoned with the future work created by making short-term tradeoffs to ship their code faster, and now IT organizations are realizing they have created massive amounts of remediation work for themselves due to decades of deprioritizing data management.”

You can read the full article from Database Trends and Applications here and learn more about how Tamr’s agile data mastering is helping to solve enterprise data debt in our free whitepaper.