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Dataversity: Taming Data Integration

Dataversity Tamr


Jelani Harper of Dataversity wrote a great article, “Taming Data Integration,” in which she discussed issues around modern data integration technologies. The article is based upon her interview with Andy Palmer and Nidhi Aggarwal of Tamr. Summarizing Tamr, Jelani writes:

“There are many different aspects of the Tamr solution that are noteworthy. Its ability to provide a unified view across data sources and to run analytics to determine data that is relevant to a particular task is invaluable; its potential to assist with governance is something the company hopes to continue exploring in the future. The ease at which it enables organizations to add new date sources in a brief amount of time for a particular application is also notable. All of these factors and the underlying Machine Learning algorithms that can improve performance by making educated inferences based upon previous changes make this product much more than just an integration tool.”

She also quotes Andy Palmer’s summary of Tamr:

“The Tamr system is essentially a system of reference, rather than a system of record. So, very much like Google organizes all of the world’s websites and is the place you go to find websites, Google doesn’t actually host the web sites themselves. Tamr functions similarly with all the different data sources that are out there in the enterprise where we index them, we organize them for you, but when it comes time to actually run analytics, people are probably going to run them directly against the data sources.”


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