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Data Visibility: Why More Is Better



So why, exactly, would Tamr release a powerful data cataloging tool as a free standalone download (as opposed to rolling it up into our data unification platform)?

We’d point to Tom Davenport for some context.

In his recent CIOJournal post,“It’s Way Too Late Not to Know Where Your Data Is,” Davenport concludes that “knowing where your data is seems perhaps the most obvious tenet of information management, but it has thus far been among the most elusive.” He attributes this elusiveness to both human nature (possible embarrassment about the “irrational” results) and the failure of top-down, future-oriented modeling to guide organizations on “what data they actually have in the present and how to find it.”

“A data catalog that lists what data the organization has, what it’s called, where it’s stored, who’s responsible for it and other key metadata,” Davenport writes, “can easily be the single most valuable information offering that an IT group can create.”

Solving such an elemental problem is precisely the opportunity — and the technology – we have at Tamr.

And it’s why this summer we’ll be providing a free, standalone beta version of our Tamr Catalog tool to any organization that wants to quickly inventory all data that exists in the enterprise — regardless of type, platform, or source. 

Catalog is a logical map for all of your enterprise’s information, automatically cataloging all metadata available to the enterprise in a central, platform-neutral place. Through a combination of machine learning and human guidance, the metadata is organized by logical entities (what the data represents), rather than where the data is physically stored — making it easier for you to find data necessary to answer critical business questions.

We believe, fundamentally, that more visibility is better in the enterprise. That everyone should at least know what data exists in the enterprise. And that everyone should have a path to requesting access to this data from an appropriate and accountable person.

Catalog is a direct reflection of this belief. Spreading adoption and accountability across the entire enterprise is why we’re delivering Tamr Catalog as a free standalone tool independent of any platform.

We also believe that data visibility will accelerate return on your existing big data investment. IDC has surmised that up to 90% of big data is dark data. Analysts with big, mission-critical questions to answer today spend inordinate amounts of time just identifying whether and where the data is available — separate and apart from getting access to the data and then prepping it for analysis.

The natural result of this unnatural dynamic? Analysts end up using whatever data is closest to them … whatever data they know about as opposed to all of the data available to them. The net effect at the enterprise level limits return on your investments in business process automation; in the data created by this automation; and in your state-of-the-art analytic tools.

To us — and what we hope will be its many users — Tamr Catalog advances the promise that total data visibility across the enterprise through affordable, easy-to-use tools will help democratize data for analytics and help accelerate returns on big data investment.

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