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CDO’s Guide to Wells Mastering


According to Deloitte, improving well-designs has the potential to reduce capital requirements by $24B.

At a time when energy companies are looking at fresh ways to reign in, and better manage costs, new and existing Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have the opportunity to make an immediate impact by introducing, or improving upon, a Wells Mastering solution.

But where do you start? What should you plan for when first initiating a Wells Mastering project?

We put together a new guide to walk new and existing executives at oil and gas companies on how to implement an effective Wells Mastering solution. Inside, we lay-out how an effective approach can solve the problem of dirty, disparate well data across all of an E&P company’s departments.

In particular this guide explains how CDO’s can:

  • Master dirty, disparate well data across all of an E&P company’s departments
  • Key areas of focus for the modern CDO
  • How to effectively leverage data using Machine Learning and human expertise

Download this free resource to learn more.