2018 Big Data Executive Survey

The excellent “Annual Big Data Executive Survey 2018” from New Vantage Partners confirms several important trends and issues that we at Tamr are seeing daily out in the field. Most notably is a dramatic increase in investment in AI projects…

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Tamr’s development team is hiring!

Tamr’s development team is hiring! Great software companies are built by phenomenal people who have passion to deliver. Tamr works with the largest companies in the world (Toyota, GE, GSK) delivering hundreds of millions in value because of our software.…

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Tamr Wins BostInno’s 50 on Fire 2017

With apologies to The Boss, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, we’re on fire!” We are honored to have been named one of Boston’s 50 on Fire — one of only 8 companies in the Technology category alongside some other awesome en fuego…

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GE’s Agile Customer Mastering Efforts Power New Sales Insight

Last week’s Boston Business Journal piece on the growing relationship between GE and Tamr did a fantastic job of profiling how we have been teaming up to deliver successful projects for quite some time. It also highlighted how GE is…

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CIO’s: No Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

When I think of the computer hobbyist, I think of Steve Wozniak. The computer hobbyist is someone who gets joy from the craft of putting together pieces. They find pleasure in spending hour after hour, long into the night, tinkering…

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AWS Glue, ETL, and the Persistent Challenge of Data Variety

Yesterday Amazon announced the public availability of AWS Glue which they describe as a fully managed ETL service that aims to streamline the challenges of data preparation. The service was previewed back in December 2016 at Amazon’s re:Invent conference, so…

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