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Carts & Horses: Building the Foundations for Digital Transformation — Published in Datanami

At Tamr, we’re privileged to work with innovative, large global enterprises who are executing on ambitious digital transformation agendas to ensure they continue to lead in the decades ahead.

On the outside, these transformations sometimes seem like they’re driven by the latest and greatest technologies. Artificial intelligence is the biggest buzzword of the day; everybody is talking about it, a small subset are doing it, and a tiny sliver are actually seeing results that move the needle. But I can tell you firsthand from my past experience as a CIO and the daily conversations I have with Tamr customers, the common thread unifying successful digital transformation programs and early wins from AI initiatives is that they start by unifying their core data from their many, many source systems.

Creating complete, accurate, easily accessible views of the things that matter most to a business — customers, suppliers, products, employees, etc.– is the necessary foundation upon which success is built. This step — which may seem mundane–has to occur before these advanced technologies can be effective. As the saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The advice I most often give to executives looking to compete on analytics is to make sure they aren’t putting the cart before the horse — get your data right first, capture early, impactful wins, increase DataOps maturity and THEN start integrating bright, shiny tech.

I’m pumped that my friends at Datanami have let me share my advice at their site. I hope you check out the article.