Building a DataOps Toolkit For Your Enterprise

Many analytics teams fail because they put all their eggs in one basket. Having a sole data pipeline vendor restricts your enterprise’s ability to produce responsive, flexible, and robust analytics that fuel transformative business and operational outcomes. In order to create an environment that is able to drive these outcomes, you must start with a juxtaposition of tools and process improvements known as DataOps that are designed to facilitate high-quality data analytics.

Ensuring that your enterprise has multiple vendors contributing to your data pipeline is paramount in leveraging data analytics as a true competitive advantage. A DataOps Toolkit can help you step up your game and develop and maintain a trusted view of your key entities such as customers, products, suppliers and parts.

Watch this video with Nabil Hachem, Former Head of Data Engineering at MassMutual Inc. and Former Global Head of Data Engineering at Novartis, as he offers insights on using analytics to transform your organization’s operational efficiency. This video highlights:

  • Unlocking your growth through an effective DataOps toolkit
  • The advantages of having multiple vendors in order to maintain a healthy data pipeline
  • Proper management and processes required to ensure open communication channels across the DataOps Toolkit


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