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Tara Wildt

3 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Culture

If your organization is like most, then the variety, volume, and velocity of the data you regularly collect is creating challenges when it comes to: Leveraging that data to inform business-driving decisions Getting real-time data access to everyone in the…

Aug 29, 2019 Featured Content

Current Trends in DataOps: Survey Results

As enterprises continue to accumulate data at increasingly large volumes and speeds, they are looking for ways to effectively and efficiently leverage that data to drive value for the organization. This has led to the emergence of DataOps–an automated, process-oriented…

Aug 27, 2019 Featured Content

What is Data Variety?

Enterprise-level data is constantly growing and developing—and organizations are starting to recognize the value in collecting it. But when it comes to actually leveraging that data as an asset, enterprises are faced with several unique challenges. We often refer to…

Aug 20, 2019 Featured Content

Working at Tamr: Meet our Summer Interns

Last month, we posted about what it’s like to work at Tamr — from our office vibe to the way we focus on career growth and collaboration. At Tamr, professional development is a cornerstone of our values, and one of…

Jul 11, 2019 Featured Content

5 Benefits of Agile Data Mastering

Enterprises are facing significant challenges when it comes to maintaining reliable, up-to-date data that is readily available to help them generate important business insights. The problem isn’t that traditional solutions don’t work–it’s that they are too difficult to scale. These…

May 14, 2019 Featured Content

3 Market Trends in Data Preparation

The market for data preparation tools is constantly evolving, although it remains both complicated and complex. As tools continue to mature, they are shifting from an initial focus on self-service, to now supporting data integration, analytics and data science use…

Apr 30, 2019 Featured Content

What is Human-Guided Machine Learning?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about machine learning. Previously, we covered what machine learning is and how it solves Big Data challenges. In this post, we’re exploring human-guided machine learning — what it is and…

Apr 16, 2019 Featured Content

How Machine Learning Solves Big Data Challenges

In a recent post, we laid out an overview of machine learning: what it is and the various types that are used. Here, we’re delving deeper into exactly what impact machine learning has on Big Data, and how it solves…

Apr 9, 2019 Featured Content

An Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning, although not a new technology, is a topic that has taken news cycles by storm over the course of the past few years, spanning multiple industries and applications. And it’s with good reason, as artificial intelligence (AI) and…

Apr 2, 2019 Featured Content