Realizing the potential of clean mastered data for businesses

Ravi Hulasi

Data Mesh 101

Data mesh continues to grow in popularity in part because data is everywhere. Every system and every process in our personal and professional lives collects and generates data. And the volume and variety of this data is growing at a…

Nov 29, 2022 Insights

Manage Data Quality with Data Mastering

Becoming data-driven is no longer an option if companies want to grow and succeed. It’s an imperative. But despite years, even decades, spent aiming to achieve this goal, many organizations continue to struggle.  With investments in digital transformation set to…

Sep 15, 2022 Insights

There’s a Data Engineer Shortage: 4 Reasons Why

Since 2020, investments in data – and data teams – have gone up. Way up. Unsurprisingly, over the past two years, digital transformation strategies accelerated and the digital economy grew at a rate never recorded before in modern history. In…

Jun 9, 2022 Featured Content

Effectively leveraging Snowflake’s Governance Capabilities with Tamr

Introduction As a modern data mastering platform, Tamr overcomes variety in data to produce mastered records for critical business entities such as People, Organizations, Supplies, and Products using a combination of machine learning and subject matter expert input. Tamr’s Machine…

Nov 10, 2021 Featured Content