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Realizing the potential of clean mastered data for businesses

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Qin Li

Making the Business Case for Modern Master Data Management in Two Easy Steps

67% of technology buyers lack the knowledge or tools to build business cases (IDC) This missing skill can delay (or kill) approval of high-business-ROI solutions like modern Master Data Management (MDM) A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study demonstrates…

Jul 1, 2021 Featured Content

Three creative ways Financial Services firms like Blackstone use Customer Master Data Management (MDM)

Tamr’s cloud-native customer master data management (Customer MDM) seeks to create a unified, accurate, and persistent set of unique identifiers and attributes that wholistically depict a customer in order to connect millions of valuable customer records across multiple organizational silos,…

Jun 23, 2021 Featured Content

Data Leaders at Financial Services Organizations Reveal Business Benefits of Customer Data Mastering With Tamr

“Today, we have the most accurate and recent copy of data coming from all systems, and Tamr facilitates all of that…We are able to work with the various lines of business to bring that new data to the [organization] and…

Jun 2, 2021 Featured Content

Three ways Tamr can enhance your data catalog

Enterprises have the goal of using clean, updated, data to drive their digital transformations. A key tool they expect to help them get there is a data catalog, tools that create and maintain an inventory of data assets and metadata…

Mar 25, 2021 Featured Content

Why Wells Mastering is Important (and How Tamr Solves for it)

In our previous blog post we provided a high level view of why oil & gas industry leaders chose Tamr to be their data unification solution. We hope this post on Wells Unification (or Wells Harmonization within the industry) can…

Mar 20, 2019 Featured Content

Three Data Challenges in Insurance Claims and How to Overcome Them

For most insurers, claim management is an integral and crucial part of their operation, both in terms of complexity and economic impact. Of all the costs inherent to insurance, claims typically account for up to 70% to 80%. Translating that…

Mar 13, 2019 Featured Content

5 Reasons Why the World’s Largest Oil & Gas Companies Chose Tamr to Unify their Wells Data

Leaders in the oil and gas industry have invested heavily in data solutions for strategic decision making and daily operations. Thousands of sensors at the well, petabytes of subsurface data, millions of parts and equipment in the supply chain, midstream…

Feb 27, 2019 Featured Content

3 Hard Truths about Customer 360 and How You Can Overcome Them

Short for “a 360-degree customer view”, Customer 360 is a pillar of most data initiatives. With the explosive growth of data in cloud computing and CRM systems, organizations of all sizes must establish a Customer 360 strategy to deliver a…

Feb 6, 2019 Featured Content

A Billion-Dollar Problem Faced By Financial Institutions

Financial institutions’ trade data management systems, whether related to banking or trading, are undergoing changes with an unprecedented expansion in market information and corresponding compliance pressure. The challenges faced by financial institutions to manage and reconcile trade data include exponential…

Jan 23, 2019 Featured Content