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Qin Li

8 Takeaways from Snowflake Summit 2022

If you are in the data business, then you must be aware of the 2022 Snowflake Summit that occurred last week. Snowflake has been at the forefront of technology and data innovation, inspiring entirely new markets for nearly ten years.…

Jun 21, 2022 Featured Content

Part IV: Why Patient Mastering is Key to Reaching Your Market Potential

At the heart of every biopharma research and development effort are the desire to dramatically improve patient lives. Reaching patients that will benefit requires knowing who your patients are and developing a multi-channel marketing strategy that provides patients with the…

Nov 24, 2021 Insights

Part III: Why Mastering Provider Networks is Key To Reaching Decision Makers

In Part I and Part II of our Biopharma Customer Mastering Series, we covered in detail how machine learning is an essential tool in customer mastering and how you can use it to build flexible hierarchies to power your analytics.…

Nov 12, 2021 Featured Content

Five Takeaways from Snowflake’s Financial Services Data Summit

I recently attended the Snowflake Financial Services Data Summit, where some of the most influential people in financial services discussed how “organizations meet ever-changing customer expectations while automating routine and mission-critical processes, meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements, and transforming their…

Oct 6, 2021 Featured Content

Part II: Why Mastering Hierarchies is Key To Understanding Customers for Biopharma Companies

If you read our first article on customer mastering in biopharma marketing, sales, and distribution, you know how important customer data is and that machine learning holds the key to unlocking its potential value. This article will focus on how…

Sep 29, 2021 Featured Content

Part I: Why Customer Mastering in Biopharms is Key To Accelerating Business Results

In an increasingly competitive pharmaceutical and biotechnology landscape, maintaining and growing market share requires knowing how to effectively use customer data across multiple distribution channels. Health care groups, physician networks, and consumers are all sources of valuable data — each…

Sep 14, 2021 Featured Content

4 trends driving record investment in technology at global banks

I previously wrote how Financial Services Firms can achieve high ROI by taking advantage of Customer Data Mastering. While writing the piece, I came across interesting trends about the pace of technical investment at global banks. Consider this statement by…

Aug 11, 2021 Featured Content

Making the Business Case for Modern Master Data Management in Two Easy Steps

67% of technology buyers lack the knowledge or tools to build business cases (IDC) This missing skill can delay (or kill) approval of high-business-ROI solutions like modern Master Data Management (MDM) A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study demonstrates…

Jul 1, 2021 Featured Content

Three creative ways Financial Services firms like Blackstone use Customer Master Data Management (MDM)

Tamr’s cloud-native customer master data management (Customer MDM) seeks to create a unified, accurate, and persistent set of unique identifiers and attributes that wholistically depict a customer in order to connect millions of valuable customer records across multiple organizational silos,…

Jun 23, 2021 Featured Content

Data Leaders at Financial Services Organizations Reveal Business Benefits of Customer Data Mastering With Tamr

“Today, we have the most accurate and recent copy of data coming from all systems, and Tamr facilitates all of that…We are able to work with the various lines of business to bring that new data to the [organization] and…

Jun 2, 2021 Featured Content