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Michael Collins

5 Ways Big Data And AI Will Impact Life Sciences Firms In 2018

A recent Forbes article by Randy Bean and Grant Stephen outlined 5 ways that Big Data and AI will impact Life Sciences firms in 2018. While some of the predictions were oriented around the use of new technologies (like blockchain)…

Jan 11, 2018 Featured Content

Forbes – How Tamr Is Helping GSK “Bite The Data Management Bullet”

At Tamr, we have the privilege of working with the world’s most innovative companies to solve the most difficult data management challenges that prevent them from maximizing the value of their data – and their business. Their success not only…

Jan 9, 2018 Case Studies

How Tamr helped Amgen Build a Translational Data Platform at Scale

Identifying new therapies and finding additional applications for existing ones is a key goal for biopharmaceutical companies – as it enables company growth as well as the treatment of severe diseases. What is becoming apparent is that the role of…

Oct 30, 2017 Featured Content

How Agile Mastering Is Disrupting Master Data Management

The promise of the Big Data era revolves around the ability to quickly access complete, trusted information for use in business analysis – ultimately leading to more informed decisions and substantial growth. There is a lot of market buzz and…

Oct 17, 2017 Featured Content

Thomson Reuters Extends Tamr’s Capabilities To Their Customers

As we mentioned in a previous post, Tamr has a great relationship with Thomson Reuters. As an industry-leading content provider, the firm asked Tamr to implement a robust data integration solution (powered by Tamr’s human-guided machine learning) to handle its…

Oct 12, 2016 Featured Content

Tamr + Forrester Webinar: Data Preparation Is The Key To Great Business Insight

Tamr and Forrester Research have partnered to offer a free, on-demand webinar on the topic of data preparation – titled “Data Preparation Is The Key To Great Business Insight” The webinar features: Michele Goetz – Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Michael…

Jun 22, 2016 Featured Content

Why Tamr Is Recognized As A “Champion” In Data Preparation By Bloor Research

Bloor Research recently published their 2016 report on “Self-Service Data Preparation & Cataloguing” and listed Tamr as a “Champion” in the space. We’re honored by this, especially given how many more vendors are starting to enter the market. This movement…

May 24, 2016 News