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Mark Marinelli

The Four Key Trends Defining DataOps in 2020

As the challenges associated with Big Data continue to increase along with enterprises’ demands for easily accessible, unified data, what does the future of DataOps look like? I’ve outlined four important trends you should expect to see: 1. The need…

Feb 9, 2020 Featured Content

Why Low Latency Matching is critical to Data Mastering at Scale

It’s common to think of data mastering as the way we turn our disparate and dirty data sources into something clean that we can use to power data applications. A few dozen sources of customer data go through the mastering…

Oct 18, 2019 Featured Content

The People of DataOps

To produce a great piece of music, orchestras require a variety of independent, skilled musicians working together under an equally skilled conductor. With all the innovations in their instrumentation and the talent of composers, success for an orchestra comes down…

Jun 25, 2019 Featured Content

3 Data Problems Solved by Agile Data Mastering

When it comes to data quality and availability, there is a gap between expectations and reality. The expectation is that reliable, integrated data is readily available in an easy-to-digest format that allows data consumers to harness key business insights. The…

May 7, 2019 Featured Content

Think Agile to Solve your Data Mastering Problem

The gap between business users expectations around data quality and availability, and the actual reality of the state of enterprise data has never been larger. Like a digital version of the Borg, new data proliferates across the landscape of large enterprises — vast, relentless; and futile to resist.

Nov 30, 2018 Featured Content