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Louise Baldwin

21% of Dreamforce registrants used personal email: Fixing the Salesforce data quality problem

Getting your hands on Dreamforce’s list of attendees, as the name suggests, is quite literally a marketer’s dream. Salesforce’s annual event is one of the most well-known and attended technology conferences of the year. It has truly become a global…

Oct 11, 2021 Featured Content

Customer Data Platforms vs. Master Data Management

Introduction Two popular solutions for solving the persistent problems of bad customer data are Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). While the two technologies aim to solve similar problems around poor data, there are important differences in…

Jul 20, 2021 Featured Content

Three Ways to Transform Sales with Modern Customer Data Mastering

“Tamr allows [our sales teams] to focus on what they do best, which is helping the customer, not looking through data to find the customer.” — Director of business and product strategy, retail. Knowing who your customer is, what they…

May 25, 2021 Featured Content

The Elusive Customer 360: Why and How to Master Data for Sales & Marketing

Large-scale investment in customer insights and analytics teams have propelled the use cases for customer data. From customer segmentation to predictive pricing models and multi-touch channel strategy, the field of advanced customer analytics has more tangible applications than ever. As…

Apr 15, 2021 Featured Content

Clouded Judgement: Key Considerations for Financial Institutions Still Debating Migrating to Cloud

Last week, Suki Dhuphar and I talked about the surge of new public cloud-partnerships with financial services that took place in July (HSBC & AWS, National Australia Bank & Azure, Deutsche Bank & GCP). While the month appears to have…

Aug 17, 2020 Featured Content

Banking on a cloudy outlook: what drove this month’s surge in cloud migrations at financial institutions?

Throughout July, we saw a series of major announcements of public cloud migrations at financial institutions. HSBC signed a long-term strategic deal with AWS. National Australia Bank and Microsoft confirmed a five-year multi-cloud partnership. IBM announced BNP Paribas was to…

Jul 29, 2020 Featured Content