Realizing the potential of clean mastered data for businesses

Lisa Skinner

Align your Data Strategy with Business Strategy

As Aristotle wisely stated, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  In business, to create that whole requires a catalyst that cohesively connects different teams around common goals.  Data has the power to be that catalyst, aligning…

Mar 14, 2019 Featured Content

How to Justify a Data Strategy with your CEO and C-Suite

Data is having its’ moment. CEO mindsets have shifted from viewing data as a tactical tool to embracing data as THE path to strategic, competitive advantage. In fact, the International Institute for Analytics predicted that, by 2020, businesses effectively using data will…

Dec 19, 2018 Featured Content

How Tamr Helped GE Save 80M Through Clean Data

When you think of Fortune 500 titan GE, what comes to mind? Innovation? Technology? Engineering and design? One thing that probably isn’t top of mind is data. But just imagine the incredible amount of data a company of GE’s size…

Dec 5, 2018 Featured Content

How A Solid Data Strategy Fuels Extraordinary Business Outcomes

We’ve all been collecting customer data for years. But here’s the hard truth: Data is meaningless without a comprehensive, organization-wide strategy to consistently leverage it into actionable insights. While we might know what our customers are buying and how they’re…

Nov 28, 2018 Featured Content