Realizing the potential of clean mastered data for businesses

Bernie Kuan

Unified Clinical Data: the Key to Faster Pharma Breakthroughs

In the life sciences industry, R&D for new drugs is a long, expensive process with most drugs having less than a 10% chance of being approved by the FDA after multiple years of investment. There are a wide variety of…

May 9, 2019 Featured Content

Let Your Data Protect You From Supply Chain Risks

In a previous blog post, my colleague has gone in depth on “How to save $10M+ with Supplier Mastering” by creating a comprehensive 360 view of supplier activity. This view is possible through programatically unifying all points of supplier data…

Mar 26, 2019 Featured Content

Do I Trust My Supplier Analytics?

Large enterprises spend tremendous amount of resources building data analytics and operationalizing large volumes of supplier and spend data. However, analytics and dashboards are only valuable if the data going in them is trustworthy.

Mar 12, 2019 Featured Content

Who Are Our Suppliers and How Do We Interact with Them?

Companies seeking to streamline supplier management across their organization require trusted views of business-critical data for analytics and operations. However, after spending months of time and money on various implementation projects, organizations still struggle to get consistent, timely answers to the question: “Who are our suppliers, and how do we interact with them?”

Mar 7, 2019 Featured Content

Gain New Expectations for Mastering Data with Machine Learning

Despite improvements in technology, implementation of master data management (MDM) solutions have long been a known pain for many organizations pushing to improve data quality and competency. The source of this pain is often due to the fact that traditional…

Jan 25, 2019 Featured Content