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Andy Palmer

Key Principles of a DataOps Ecosystem

Having worked with dozens of Global 2000 Customers on their data/analytics initiatives, I have seen a consistent pattern of key principles of a DataOps ecosystem that is in stark contrast to traditional “single vendor,” “single platform” approaches that are advocated…

May 26, 2022 Featured Content

What is DataOps?

For your organization to become data-driven, it needs clean, curated, comprehensive data. And as more businesses recognize the strategic value of becoming data-driven, they are also recognizing challenges that come along with managing the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of…

May 5, 2022 Featured Content

Managing your Data as an Asset: The View Ahead

I’ve spent a good part of the last two decades working with large companies on their data. During that time there have been some massive underlying technological and behavioral shifts in how large companies manage and leverage their data as…

Feb 24, 2022 Insights

One Key Mantra for Chief Data Officers: “Source Data is Not the Master”

“The source is not the master.” That statement hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it. It came from a conversation with Elena Alikhachkina, who at the time was leading a significant digital transformation initiative at…

Jun 30, 2021 Featured Content

DataOps and the Current State of Enterprise Data Ecosystem Development

  DataOps has emerged as an essential business priority; and organizations are learning to wield their data as both a competitive asset and a protective moat to keep new challengers at bay. As I’ve said before, much like DevOps focused…

May 24, 2021 Featured Content

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Tamr: Combining Market Leading Cloud-Native Data Mastering and Next-Gen Cloud Services to Drive Analytical Outcomes

As the center of gravity for enterprise data moves to the cloud, modern data driven enterprises are just beginning to scratch the surface of their newfound, highly elastic scalable compute and persistence resources that are necessary to accelerate digital transformations.…

Dec 3, 2020 Featured Content

Moving the IP Needle at Tamr

As any Founder knows (or should know), intellectual property can protect your valuable ideas from competitors. A little over a year ago at Tamr Karen Cambray (our CFO and Head of Operations) brought in a boutique IP law firm, Panitch…

Nov 19, 2020 Featured Content

Why Tamr Joined The Board Challenge

Recently, Tamr joined The Board Challenge as a Pledge Partner. This means we are commiting to add at least one Black director to Tamr’s Board of Directors in the next twelve months. Black leaders are significantly under-represented in America’s boardrooms,…

Oct 19, 2020 Featured Content

Data is the new ammunition for the U.S. Army

Increasingly, data is the ammunition needed for success on the battlefield. Although information and intelligence assets have provided an advantage over adversaries since wars began, the velocity, variety and volume of data has increased so dramatically that the U.S. Army…

Jul 23, 2020 Featured Content

Competing in a Post-Analytics World

The pace of enterprise automation is accelerating with robotics, machine learning and AI. The robots are coming, and not just to the assembly line or mega-warehouse floor. To stay competitive, enterprises will need to understand how to use robots to…

Oct 24, 2019 Featured Content