Stop Putting the AI Cart Before the Data Horse

Flush with Big Data and an accelerated way to capitalize on it (AI), many large enterprises are making a classic mistake. They’re assuming that their data is good enough to leverage as an asset. It is not.   In a recent…

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people of dataops, dataops personas

The People of DataOps

To produce a great piece of music, orchestras require a variety of independent, skilled musicians working together under an equally skilled conductor. With all the innovations in their instrumentation and the talent of composers, success for an orchestra comes down…

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Data as an Asset: The Potential of DataOps in the Enterprise

As modern enterprises embrace the potential value of data to their organization, they are beginning to build out a new generation of data infrastructure and human behavioral norms to complement their traditional legacy infrastructure and data culture. The technical methods…

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Hand of diverse people connecting jigsaw puzzle. Concept of partnership and teamwork in business

The Key Components of a DataOps Ecosystem

There are many ways to think about the potential components of a next gen enterprise data engineering ecosystem. Our friends at DataKitchen have done a great job with this post which refers to some solid work by the Eckerson Group.…

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Cyber and Technology Background?

Key Principles of a DataOps Ecosystem

Having worked with dozens of Global 2000 Customers on their data/analytics initiatives, I have seen a consistent pattern of key principles of a DataOps ecosystem that is in stark contrast to traditional “single vendor,” “single platform” approaches that are advocated…

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Team of business people discussing digital marketing metrics report and return on investment strategy for advertisement campaign, data analytics dashboard on computer screen in office

How to Create a Successful Analytics-Driven Organization

In 2019, it’s no longer a question of whether to become an analytics-driven organization, but how. To be successful, organizations need to build information architectures that match analytics workloads to answer the questions that will create the most value for…

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