Agile Leadership: Guiding DataOps Teams Through Rapid Change and Uncertainty

Arvind Krishna, IBM’s new CEO, lamented last year to The Wall Street Journal that clients have halted artificial intelligence projects since some companies aren’t prepared to tackle the data challenges associated with an AI project. In fact, in Mr. Krishna’s estimations: 80% of the work in an AI project is concerned with collecting and preparing data.

In order to avoid AI failures, companies need to invest in producing high-quality data that can provide explanations for the decisions made by the machines. That starts by building a data-driven culture. This is often easier said than done; especially in times of change and uncertainty like we face now.

Tamr’s EMEA DataOps Engineering Lead, Suki Dhuphar, recently hosted a webinar on how to manage and overcome one of the biggest obstacles that prevent teams from being agile and producing a pipeline of high-quality data: human behavior.

Learn how introducing agile leadership can help you navigate these issues by watching these clips and the full webinar on-demand.

Overcoming behavior and organizational data challenges 

Why Now Is The Best Time to Introduce Agile Leadership

Adopting some or all of these best practices will enhance your data quality which will be paramount in advancing your data management in the machine learning era.

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