451 Research: Tamr expands procurement focus for catalog-based data preparation platform

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In his March report on Tamr, 451 Research’s Matt Aslett reviews the company’s progress in the data preparation space and evaluates its strategy to “double down on procurement as a core vertical.”

The report, titled “Tamr expands procurement focus for catalog-based data preparation platform,” highlights a core Tamr benefit for data scientists and business analysts alike:

With Tamr’s metadata catalog-based preparation software and focus on attribute-mapping and record-matching capabilities, users are able to integrate data from multiple sources (e.g., purchase orders, accounts payable, contracts, inventory and sales forecasts) in order to reduce the time taken to analyze data. The company cites one unnamed customer that was able to identify more than $100m in cost savings after analyzing $40bn in potential spending by being in a better position to conduct risk analysis and negotiate prices and payment terms.

Aslett, who cites Tamr’s “big-name customers and investors” as a competitive advantage, includes the following in his overall take:

Any emerging startup targeting a specific vertical is always treading a fine line between driving early adoption and getting a foothold for more strategic deals, and being seen as a niche provider, which can make expanding into other verticals problematic. Tamr’s focus on procurement makes sense in terms of proving the value of self-service data preparation, and the launch of the free Tamr Catalog offering should help to increase interest in the potential for a platform-neutral catalog for metadata as the first stage in a data preparation strategy.

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