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Exposing Engineering Data As a Strategic Asset with the U.S. Air Force

The Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO) has developed a new data lake architecture and applications that combine historical data, machine learning, and modern big data technology to accelerate complicated engineering analyses. Before a new store (weapon, fuel tank, etc.) is mounted on an aircraft, AFSEO is responsible for setting safe limits for flight for that store and determining the unsafe ways in which different stores can interact. Doing so requires complicated engineering analyses and tests (flight, wind tunnel, etc.) led by Ph.D. level engineers.

During this session, Donna Cotton, CDO the U.S. Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO) will discuss how the Air Force leveraged 50+ years of accumulated data in its data lake to synthesize previously approved analyses rather than building new analysis from scratch.

First, a custom data catalog has been built that tags all files with relevant metadata and then makes them searchable and filterable through a web-based UI. This is enabled by a Dell EMC multiprotocol Isilon storage solution that simultaneously serves files to all operating systems based on users’ roles through SMB/NFS protocols and to the Cloudera based data lake as HDFS. The custom data catalog UI is hosted and served directly by Solr, offering a number of advantages.

Second, a custom application built on Tamr’s machine learning platform searches historical documents for relevant antecedents, and in some cases, can create a “by analogy” certification without human intervention.

Both efforts help engineers certify new stores and capabilities with the agility required to support the modern-day US Air Force.

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***As seen at the 2020 MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (CDOIQ) Symposium ***


New case study: Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office and Tamr Expedite The Air Force’s Mission Capabilities 

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About the Speakers

Donna Cotton
Chief Data Officer at the U.S. Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO)
Donna Cotton is the Chief Data Officer for the Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO), providing leadership and oversight of architecture development, data management and cybersecurity for an enclave supporting over 300 users. She leads data transformation initiatives, specifically implementation of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities to manage over 100,000,000 files of critical aircraft store compatibility data. Her leadership keeps

AFSEO at the leading edge of information management practices across the DoD, with her expertise sought by numerous DoD Agencies and Industry Partners.

Ms. Cotton began her professional career with Boeing as a Software Engineer in 1997 at the Special Operations Facility, Software Engineering Division for the AC-130U Gunship. Her extensive experience delivered critical automated MIL-STD-1553B databus processes; and a critical System Integrated Test (SIT) Ground Processor that provided maintenance personnel the ability to capture an entire mission in real time and replay it on the ground to streamline and simplify post-mission troubleshooting processes. After working as a Senior Software Engineer for the TYBRIN Corporation, leading architecture development of the Center Scheduling Enterprise (CSE) to enable the warfighter to maximize utilization of Test & Evaluation resources across USAF Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB), she transitioned into Civil Service.

Her first civil service assignment was with the 96 Range Control Squadron (96RNCS), serving as Senior Computer Scientist performing quality and process engineering for a wide variety of test mission software tools and processes. Notable accomplishments included revamping the software requirements process to improve testability and traceability and implementation of the organization’s initial Agile software development methodology. In 2012, she transferred to the AFSEO, where she revitalized the network accreditation program by implementing the Risk Management Framework. She also led development and implementation of AFSEO’s SEEK EAGLE Analysis, Research, and Development Enclave (SEARDE) to provide test engineers, software developers, and operations research analysts a suitable environment for complex aerodynamic and electronic environment analysis and testing that have significantly enhanced AFSEO’s ability to provide warfighter capabilities.

    Ted Gudmundsen
    Public Sector Technical Lead at Tamr

    Ted Gudmundsen is the technical lead at Tamr Government Solutions, the federal arm of Tamr Inc. Ted was an early hire at Tamr, an MIT spin off that is commercializing research on the application of machine learning to data integration problems. He has designed and implemented data integration solutions for many government and commercial customers, including the Air Force, NavAir, CBP, GE, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Air Liquide. He has been involved in advanced data processing for over 10 years, previously as a researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and with Tamr since 2015. Ted graduated with a M.S. in physics from Cornell University and a B.A. with high honors in physics from Princeton University.