Mastering for the enterprise

Tamr uses human-guided machine learning to quickly master internal or external data

Realize an Immediate ROI on Data Mastering Projects

Traditional MDM implementations are lengthy and costly. Tamr’s use of human-guided machine learning enables enterprises to tackle their largest data mastering projects and quickly deliver results.

Cover Many Entity Types With Continuous Multi-Domain Mastering

Avoid the time, expense, and headache of purchasing multiple data mastering products to cover initiatives that cross domains. Tamr’s platform is multi-domain in nature and can master many entity type desired.

Scale Easily To Include Many Datasets

It’s often difficult to quickly add enterprise datasets to a mastering initiative due to the rules-based nature of existing products that handle this integration. Tamr uses human-guided machine learning to automate the integration process – making it simple and easy to include many datasets in an initiative.

Classify Mastered Entities

Successful analytic projects require organizations to not only master core entities but classify them according to a taxonomy – enabling more robust analysis downstream. Tamr’s platform uniquely empowers organizations to classify their mastered entities using the same machine learning-based process as mastering entities.

Make Existing MDM Implementations More Agile

Tamr can either act as a stand-alone agile mastering solution or complement an existing MDM implementation – extending and enhancing its value and not requiring a ‘rip-and-replace’. When deployed in conjunction with an existing MDM solution, Tamr will leverage its open, API-oriented architecture to pass its recommendations for entity matching and/or merging to the MDM tool – which will then proceed with the creation and governance of a golden record.

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