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Tamr uses machine learning to break through the limitations of rules-based mastering and rapidly create 360-views of customers

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Gain foundational insight into your
customer base in hours

Disparate data sources and a wide array of data contributors make it difficult to understand how many customers you actually have. This makes it nearly impossible to generate deeper insights such as who are your best customers and where is your business performing well. Tamr’s Agile Customer Mastering Solution is trained to unify your data in hours so that you can quickly answer these questions and begin asking more.

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Create a complete picture of
your customer interactions

Traditional approaches to data integration fall short in environments with a high volume of sources and records. Tamr allows you to use all of your data, and quickly unifies new data as it is created. This ensures that the applications utilizing the data have a holistic view of customers that cuts across the entire customer journey, and you can quickly get to the root cause of changes in your customer base.

Fuel your existing applications with complete, accurate customer data

Tamr’s open, API-oriented architecture provides seamless integration with existing applications — from BI tools to CRMs to Customer Support software. Tamr can provide Golden Records of customers or complete, unified data to each application in near real-time. Now, all end users that rely on customer data have the data they need to make the best decision.

Maintain 360-customer views without the IT overhead

Rules-based approaches to customer mastering require specialized skills and teams of developers to implement and maintain. Tamr’s machine learning-based approach learns from simple ‘yes / no’ questions that are generated intelligently to drive data reliability with minimal feedback and support. This allows your team to spend more time generating insights, and less time maintaining software.

Putting Customer Data in Top Gear at Toyota Motor Europe

Learn how Toyota Motors Europe is using customer data unified by Tamr to improve the effectiveness of demand forecasting and enhance the customer experience.

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